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Buffalo Home Grown

About Us

Herbonx is an emerging cannabis cultivator committed to providing high grade products from seed to sale. Our Buffalo, New York based company is well positioned to be a leader in the industry as well as a source of employment for the Buffalo community as a black and Veteran owned business, we embrace a diverse, professional and positive work environment. 

Herbonx has been working towards forming strategic alliances with distributors and retailers. We are completely dedicated to providing a safe, secure and consistently high quality source of freshly cultivated marijuana for authorized dispensaries.

We will develop scientific research and development for quality, high yield, weather resistant, and efficient cannabis by developing the best strain of seeds for each region. With our leading chief scientific officer we plan to develop unique strains and products. Herbonx has remained fully compliant with regulations and ready for expansion.

Our Mission

To establish and grow one of the best quality and innovative cannabis products with affordable prices to producers and retailers throughout the country. Herbonx aims to provide high quality cannabis products to dispensaries with a product and service they can trust. We aim to be a reliable source for Veteran, minority woman owned licensed retailers as well as employment. We built our brand on the core values of customer service and care, hospitality, highest standards of quality, honesty, integrity and community outreach.

Our Goal

The goal of Herbonx is to cultivate cannabis, then cure and refine flowers, providing premium-quality cured cannabis flowers and cannabis products for partners and clients while building a recognizable brand in a rapidly growing industry. We also plan to produce cannabis clones and seeds. Overall, our main objective is to establish a proactive and environmentally-safe approach to the cultivation process without lowering the quality.

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Our Team

Quu Griffin

Quu Griffin

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